Friday, May 18, 2007

Immigration and the American Dream

The Pilgrims are coming! The Pilgrims are coming! Americans faced their first immigration crisis. The year was 1601. You can blame it all on Pocahontas. She placed her pretty little head between John Smith and the war hammer that was about to crush his head like an egg hit with a Plymouth Rock. With tears in her eyes, she cried out, "Daddy don't kill this man." Like all fathers, with a teen-aged daughter, Chief Wahusunacock, couldn't turn down her plea. He granted amnesty and allowed the small group of illegal immigrants to stay.

The small group of immigrants soon began bringing their relatives, friends and neighbors to America. The small stream turned into a torrent. The newcomers demanded they're right to live as they did in their native land. Multi-culturalism became their motto. They refused to assimilate with the Americans. Most refused to learn the native language, preferring their own. They took the American's jobs, stole their property, and brought disease to the land. The Americans dropped like flies, communities were devastated, many Americans sickened and died.

The white-eyed,forked-tongued, devils were not content to stay in their ghettos. They spread westward displacing the Americans by force, fire and brimstone.

Split into competing political factions, Americans could not agree on how to deal with these interlopers. It was gridlock, and the immigrants took advantage of the political turmoil, demanding citizenship. Finally a compromise was made and those already in this beautiful land were allowed to stay. "No more" said the Americans, but the white tide continued. Eventually the real Americans were outnumbered and the aliens controlled America.

As soon as they gained control, the immigrants proclaimed they were the real Americans, and killed, or drove the original Americans into concentration camps. Thus, ended Americans first immigration crisis. For them, the American dream came to a sad and bitter end. They became strangers in a strange land.

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