Saturday, May 12, 2007

Attack Iran? Not a chance.

Iran may be one of the "The Axis of Evil" but there is no chance the U.S. will attack that country. The only ones predicting we will attack that country are those who oppose the Bush administration. They are setting up a "Straw Man" for political advantage.

Some believe we can neutralize Iran's nuclear program through surgical air strikes. That is a chimaera, bombing only brings resolve to the enemy's citizens. Dropping bombs, even nuclear ones on Iran's nuclear facilities would be futile. It might set their program back for a little time, but the Political consequence for the United States would be catastrophic

An attack against Iran is not feasible given America's present military situation. We don't have the forces to carry it off. The only way to attack Iran would be through a full mobilization of America's, Military, Industry and Populace. Given today's political climate that is impossible.

The reality is although Iran will remain a thorn in the side of America's Mideast policy, there is little we can to as long as the current regime remains in power. That is really a bright light. The majority of Iran's citizens are less than thirty years old. Eventually the mullahs of the old guard will die to be replaced by younger leaders who have a more modern view of the world. That will bring modernity, and Iran into the 21st century.

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