Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ending Affernitive Action in higher education

Race should not be a factor in deciding admission policy for higher education. The days of racial discrimination are long over. It's time to stop what is essentially reverse discrimination.

"Minority students are systematically mismatched with institutions" due to racial preferences, where they underperform relative to the student body." Thomas Sowell. He goes on to note, "After group preferences and quotas were banned in California's state universities, the number of black students in the University of California system has risen."

Minorities who are admitted to a University because of racial preferences always have a question in the back of their mind. "Did I really earn my degree, or did I get it because of my race?" That though extends to others. They wonder, "Did he get where he is because of his ability or his race?" If racial preferences actually harm minority students, what good are they?

Affernitive Action was developed in a time when race was an essential factor affecting minorities in virtually every facet of life, from where you could eat to where you could receive your education. In the 1960's, the Johnson administration and congress passed laws forbidding the use of race as a factor. It has been nearly a half-century and most of the country has adopted racial neutrality. Why should Higher Education still act as if it was still the days of discrimination? They are almost gone and the last vestiges of discrimination are fast fading.

The problem with the establishment of "Protected groups," is everyone wants to be a member. Racial minorities, women and the disabled are covered, now everyone else are clamoring to be included in what has become a category of the preferred. At the rate new groups are being added to the list of the protected, soon the only ones without protection will be Anglo males. They can be discriminated against, because they were the ones who were doing the discriminating in years past. It's just a case of tit for tat.


Vigilante said...

"Affirmative Action" is deliberately misspelled?

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