Sunday, May 20, 2007

Government paid, Free Healthcare, You get what you pay for.

Money doesn’t come to Washington like manna from heaven. It comes from taxpayers. If government is to pay for all medical care, the money has to come from somewhere, and that’s you.

Government is like a baby’s alimentary canal. Money goes in one end and poop comes out the other. That will happen if government takes over paying for health care. An efficient government program is an oxymoron. During the height of the welfare system for every dollar that went to welfare 27-cents got to the welfare recipients. The rest was absorbed by overhead, a hoard of employees, enough paperwork to fell a forest, and rules that were not understandable by the Supreme Court.

Governmental health care would be no different. Health care costs would soar. That would leave Washington with two choices. Raise taxes or ration healthcare for citizens. The most likely outcome would be both, so get ready, bend over and grab your ankles. Prepare for a congressional Colonoscopy.

If government controlled healthcare would result in efficiency, the uninsured could be covered. Even if we assume governmental efficiency, human nature would through a monkey wrench into the system. When people get things free, they will take all they can get. It’s human nature. We have a gold plated health care system now with the public paying for it. Imagine the results, if everything was free, or at least illusionary free. Platinum wouldn’t begin to describe it. The country couldn’t afford it.

If government does become the single payer, as many wish, expect to see a system that looks like the one in Canada or Europe. Patients would get basic emergency care, but that’s just about it. Elective procedures would involve waiting lines. In England, today, coronary bypass surgery requires a six month long wait. The bottom line is, if government paid health case was a panacea, why are Canadians, Europeans, and every foreigner who can pay for it, traveling to the United States? It’s a simple answer. They get the best and don’t have to wait for it.

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