Monday, March 26, 2007


"We're going to have universal health care when I'm president - there's no doubt
about that. We're going to get it done."
Hillary Clinton

The ‘Mommy State’ may get a real ‘muther’ in ‘08, and she promises to nurse this ailing nation back to health. Prepare to bend over and grab your ankles. It has been said "Democracy will only last until the people realize they can vote themselves Bread and Circuses," Clinton has latched onto the idea political power can be achieved by bribing the voters with their own money. It’s a great scam and the Boobwazee is lapping it up.

William F. Buckley said, after the fall of the Berlin wall "The only Communists left are residing in American Universities." Now it seems they have slipped the bonds of ivy-covered walls and once again are infesting the political system. Clinton’s statement "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good" would make Karl Marx proud.

"We've got to get the costs under control. Why would we put more money into
a dysfunctional system?"

This reeks of price control and a complete takeover of the health system by Washington. Already physicians are refusing to take on new Medicare and Medicaid patients because government payments fail to cover the costs of their treatment. Insurance companies use Government reimbursement rates to set their own. The trend of lowering compensation for medical services will eventually result in poorer health care for all of us. You get what you pay for, and Washington can only afford a second rate health system.

This part of a trend back towards more governmental aid for the poor.

"Increased public support for the social safety net, signs of growing public
concern about income inequality" Trends in Political Values and Core Attitudes:
1987-2007 The
Pew Research Center for the People and the Press

The report goes on to say a majority of Americans still believe there is too much government aid for the poor.

69% agree that "poor people have become too dependent on government assistance
programs." Still, the number in agreement has been declining over the past

This decline is bad news for those of us who believe Government is not the solution to lives problems and is often the cause. The culture of ‘Human Rights’ is reasserting it self into the American political system.

"To believe that "human rights" might be positive rights is to believe that
one part of humanity must be obligated to another because of some arbitrarily
defined need or want enforced by the state. Taken to its extreme, that describes
a philosophy which would easily embrace slavery as a viable state, depending on
the obligation defined".

Bruce McQuain QandO magazine

Ronald Reagan began the diminution of the ‘Mommy State’ now the pendulum seems to be swing back towards greater ‘state-control’ of society.


Scott Erb said...

There is no way a universal health care program, either single payer (which is usually very inefficient) or partnered with insurance companies can work at the federal level without massive problems. The country is just too big. If Hillary wants to expand health care, she should work on creating incentives for states (federal rebates, etc.) to develop their own systems. That would gain more support, allow experimentation (different states could learn from what other states do), and be more likely to succeed at a reasonable price.

The FarOutFish Files said...

At one time the traditional path would be for the States to experiment, then the best plans would be adopted. “States Rights” died with segregation. Now all power flows to Washington and no one, not even Hillary Clinton will reverse that.