Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jihad against Internet gambling

The Department of Justice has launched a Jihad against Internet gambling. Executives of overseas casinos have been arrested, causing many sites and e-wallets to withdraw from the U.S. market. The justification is, it’s for your own good.

Government has no business protecting you from your self. If you are a looser learn how to become a winner, quit, or continue losing. That’s free will.

"Never give a Sucker an Even Break, Never wise up a Chump" P.T. Barnum.
That’s the American way. Washington has been following this dictate since the day it was formed.


Anonymous said...

The Poker Player Alliance is a lobbying organization (under new managment now.) Working to keep poker leagal.
Site link:

Scott Erb said...

This violates the WTO rules, I'm convinced. On principle you're right, it's a needless limit on freedom and a bad law. But it'll be interesting what happens if the WTO rules against the US on this.