Sunday, March 25, 2007

Humans and Global Warming

The world is going through a warming period, There deemed to be conscience on that. The important question should be what, if any, of the warming, is caused by human activity.

Political Correctness blames it all on the "Evil Humans and Corporate greed," the evidence does not seem to support that contention. This week "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" blamed the rise in temperature on human activity, however that report was the Political evaluation of the scientific data. The scientific report will be released in a few months.

Despite the alarmist tone of this report, other studies seem, to contradicts it's findings. A recent U.N. study found that cow flatulence contributes as much atmospheric contamination as all human transportation. As for carbon dioxide, decaying biomass produces 3-hundred giga tons per year, while humans contribute just over one giga ton, or one third of one percent, of CO2 emissions.

While it is not true, supporters claim there is a "Scientific Consensus" that Humans are the cause of the warming. The problem with a consensus is they are rarely correct. Scientific Consensus has at different times contended the Sun revolved around the Earth, Bleeding cured disease, Whites were the superior race, and women could be possessed by the Devil and become Witches. The list of consensus that later were proved wrong is endless.

Despite the political posturing. It would be better to wait for real evidence of human influence before making changes that will cause adverse effects on the quality of life.

CO2 citation: Testimony before House Subcommittee in which both supporters and opponents of the human effect on global warming agreed on these figures.


Anonymous said...

Thousands of scientists say that Global Climate Change IS HAPPENING.
The why does not matter.
The facts are that there has been only a handful of scientists that have ever wanted to go public and say "Global warming is not happening because of us." The reason is simple. Only half the statement is true and the EPA came to know this in the late 70s.
Global climate change IS HAPPENIG. But what good is it to alarm the public when the global temperature on Earth fluctuates naturally and will enter an ice age soon weather we do anything or not.
And any enviromentalist worth a dime will see that to hault the natural rhythms of earth could be worse than the alternatives. So silence has prevailed. All "in the know" folks are silent and the alarmists are GETTING PAID, in one way or the other, to sooth the public.
The fact is if we treat earth like a motel room and not our home which we are dependant and part of...or get the hell of of it and colonise...then we are probably doomed.

James Fish said...

There is no doubt there is global warming. The question is, how much of the warming is caused by human activity. My argument is, humans are not a major cause of the warming. Most is part of the natural cycle which humans can’t control

Anonymous said...

I agree spend little on changing the GLOBE (like we could) and more an learning to live on it when it freezes in the next ice age. The real danger of this warming cycle is it has led to an ice age of varying severity every time. And Earth is overdue for a Bigger freeze than the 300+ years of 'The Big Chill' 1350+AD <-date not sure.
Humans are naturally full of self importance. thus the "We are doing it to ourselves" argument will gain ground. In fact it could spell out our doom.
If we put resourses into stopping the climate change we wont be spending on how to survive when it happens. And evedince shows that when the Oceans get too hot they will "turn over" and an "ice age" will settle in. This WILL NOT be a gradual change. It is believed to happen in as little as a decade (but no more than a century).
This could be the most importand global decision ever made by humanity.