Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Resurrection of Al Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore’s triumphal return to the political stage, riding the wave of global warming hysteria may be the start of his run for the Presidency. Gore denies he is considering the run, has not raised money and has no formal organization. That does not mean he will not be the Democratic nominee.

Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz points out “The logic of psychology and even history suggests that Gore should run. And if he should run, it is hard to believe that a man who has organized most of his adult life around public service and the pursuit of the presidency won’t in the end actually do it.”

The scenario is not hard to imagine. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are presently in a ‘fight to the death’ running for the nomination. They are constantly unloading on each other. As the fight continues their negatives will continue to rise. By the time of the contention both will be so wounded they will be out of consideration. In comparison the rest of the field are pygmies. What are the Democrats to do?

In comes Al Gore riding the “White Horse of Giea” to save the day. Gore has a lot of love among Democrats who believe he won the 2000 Presidential election only to have it stolen by the Supreme Court. He would be nominated by acclamation.

There is precident for this. Wendell Wilkie used the same strategy to garner the Republican nomination in 1940. He lost to the sitting President, Franklin Roosevelt. Gore would not have Wilkie’s disadvantage. He would be running against a Republican seeking the office for the first time. With name recognition, a united party and it’s allies behind him, Gore has an excellent chance of winning the Election.

Richard Nixon returned to life after years of wandering in the political wasteland after his defeats for President and Governor of California, to win the Presidency. There is no reason Gore can’t do the same.


Anonymous said...

I havent noticed many attacks amongst the democrats. In fact it appears quite the opposite. I dont know why one would say such a thing when the only stab was done by one independant producer.
When I first saw the video I thought "why is Bush not up on the screen?"
But as I said (on the phone)...Gore would be better off in an enviromental appointment for this term.
Fact is only two types of people want to be our next presdident due to the complexity of the next termers job. The power hungry politician that desires the presidency because they can profit from it (Clinton and republican nominees) and the young tuck that believes they could make a difference if given the chance (Obama and Edwards). But JFK and family tried that...ooops.
Gore is our next best hope after this term is over to not fall back into corporate rule. To be more pithy... He may be the only one to save us from JEB BUSH!!!

Scott Erb said...

The one thing I like about Gore is that he has gone through defeat. I find it hard to trust politicians to handle tough issues when they've had it easy. I doubt he can do much on global warming; Kyoto won't have 2/3 of the Senate and pragmatism will need to drive his ideas.