Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Minotaur on the Bridge

Recent advances in the exploration of the multiverse has resulted in a treasure trove of information. Multiverse historians have been concentrating on the land of Cyrodiil, a world with two moons, magic, swords and mythical beasts. The following is an excerpt from the diary of one of an elite class of Adventurers, Barney de Breton. Cyrodiil is full of men and women who make their living scouring the land for things of value. De Breton is unique in this cohort. He has achieved a degree of fame through more than three-thousand kills. The following excerpt from his diary occurred during the early part of his career.

As an Adventurer, I roam the roads and wilderness of Cyrodiil searching for ways to fill my purse with Septums.

It was an unusually beautiful day, instead of the constant downpour of rain, the sun was shining brightly, warming the back of my head. All was well as I started crossing a suspension bridge, when my senses were assaulted by a horrible foul stench, and a terrific roar from behind me. As I turned, to my horror, a Minotaur was stepping on the bridge, obviously with the intent of having me for lunch.

I needed help and summoned a Scamp, which materialized behind the beast, and launched a fireball at its tail. In anger the Minotaur turned to attack my Scamp, hitting its head on a bridge support. I drew my trusty, rusty, sword and delivered a mighty blow to the beasts head. Enraged it turned to attack me, but in its anger it turned too far hitting it head on the other support, as my scamp launched another fireball striking its tail. Fortunately Minotaurs are not the brightest of creatures, and this one seemed to have spawned in the shallow end of the gene pool. It turned back to get at my scamp and again hit a bridge support. I don’t know how long this continued as the beast turned too and fro hitting supports on each side of the bridge, while my Scamp and I continued our attack, in exasperation the beast finally expired.

It’s horns added a few more Septums to my purse, making for a profitable experience.

Since those early days de Breton has become prominent in his society. As of this writing he has achieved many honors:
Knight-Brother of the Blades
Knight-Errant of Knights of the White Stallion
Champion of the Arena
Guardian of the Fighter Guild
Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild
Pilgrim of the Nine Divines.
Scholars are continuing the study of this unique individual. The Ministry of the Multiverse expects to release more about de Breton as information become available.

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