Thursday, April 12, 2007

Duke Players Win, D.A. Nifong Excoriated

Attorney general, Roy A. Cooper, said the players — Reade W.
Seligmann,David F. Evans, and Collin Finnerty — had been wrongly accused by
an"unchecked" and "overreaching" district attorney whohad ignored contradictory
evidence and instead relied on the stripper’s "faultyand unreliable"

Legally this is the strongest exoneration the state can make. The State also says ‘there is no evidence a crime was committed’

In a country that prides itself for its judicial system, the Duke rape case has been a rude awakening to the vast majority of its citizens. This kind of travesty of justice is supposed to occur in totalitarian and third world nations, not the United States, but it did and this is not the first time. This time wealthy white kids were being railroaded instead of poor minorities

It seems Nifong issued defamatory statements and prosecuted the case in order to secure black votes for reelection.

"It almost doesn't get any worse than lying to the judge in terms
of ethical violations, but lying to the judge about information that suggests
thedefendant is innocent is even worse,"
University of North
Carolinaat Chapel Hill law professor Joe Kennedy

No Crime committed? A crime was committed in this case. The criminal is District Attorney Mike Nifong.He has committed perjury, obstruction of Justice, Prosecutorial Misconduct along with violating a long list of Bar Association Rules. He must face the Justice, he denied the defendants. Mike Nifong must be indited for his crimes and face the maximum punishment.

Not only has he destroyed the reputations of three young men, he has seriously wounded faith in the American of Jurisprudence. That is a worse crime than any he may be charged with. It is traditional to develop a word describing some one like this. Perhaps when anyone is railroaded by the legal profession, we would call it "Being Nifonged"

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