Thursday, June 7, 2007

You miss Imus, I don't miss Imus, Long live Imus

To some Don Imus is the fount of all wisdom, to the rest of us, he is rude, crude and socially unacceptable. That's why he has been on the air, and paid big bucks for decades. He was hired because he was controversial and now he has been fired for the same thing. That's wrong.

"Nappy headed ho's" is nowhere near the most egregious thing Imus has said in forty decades on the air. It just provided a reason for race hucksters like Al Sharpton to show their power. Faced with what was especially blackmail, Imus's sponsors folded like cheep umbrellas and threatened to pull their advertising. Imus was a dead duck.

This is not a free speech issue as guaranteed by the first amendment to the constitution. The constitution only applies to government, not private companies. They are free to censor their employees any way they wish. The Federal Communications Commission was not involved in the controversy. They didn't have jurisdiction because Imus's remarks did not violate decency provisions that apply to broadcasters. Imus was busted by the Political Correctness Police, not the F.C.C.

In the past half century, the concept of "Political Correctness" has attempted to stifle speech that may offend the "Protected Classes," now defined as anybody except white males. This is a greater danger than any governmental intrusion.

Free speech is not just for that which you agree with. If you truly believe in "Free Speech" than you have an obligation to defend the rights of others to write, say or broadcast speech you find abhorrent. Fail and someday you may find the shoe on the other foot and your speech is the one banned as unacceptable to the community.


Vigilante said...

You make a valid point. Squelching speech is dangerous to any democratic society. But hate speech is toxic to our culturally and racially diverse American society. Setting my distaste for Imus aside, I still can only commend your statement.

Jim said...

The answer to hateful speech is more speech, not banning that you hate. As one who believes in real free speech, I must support all speech, especially that I find most abhorrent.

Charles said...

Forty decades????? I had no idea. Just damn ;-)